Bi-Lobe® / Nano-D Connectors

We offer our highly reliable Bi-Lobe® / Nano-D connectors in many variations to help you find solutions for your needs.

Single Row Nano-D Connectors

Omnetics' Single Row Nano-D connectors offer an extremely rugged low profile connector which meets or exceeds MIL-DTL-32139 requirements.   These ultra-miniature nano connectors are available in a range from SMT for printed circuit board surface mounting to straight tails and wired cable.  Designers use these nano connectors for rugged portable applications in the miniaturization of space satellites and robots to Mil-Aero, Geophysical, and Medical markets.

Latching Nano-D Connectors

Omnetics' Latching Nano-D connectors offer the same rugged high-reliability performance as a standard Nano-D connector while eliminating the threaded hardware (jackscrews) and tools with the Quick Latching connector system. These Latching Nano-D connectors are ideal for applications requiring secure ultra-miniature connectors.

Dual Row Nano-D Connectors

Omnetics' Dual Row Nano-D connectors meet or exceed the requirements for Mil-DTL-32139.  These rugged high-reliability Dual Row Nano-D connectors occupy less space and reduce the weight of the interconnect system for critical miniaturized electronic modules.

Panel Mount Nano-D Connectors

Omnetics' Panel Mount Nano-D connectors are available in a variety of configurations to mount to a board and panel.  These Panel Mount Nano-D miniature connectors are frequently used in Mil-Aero, Geophysical, and Medical markets.

Omnetics Nano-D Bi-Lobe Dust Caps & Metal Covers

Omnetics Nano-D Backshells