Omnetics Connector Corporation

Geophysical Exploration Connectors

Geophysical explorations applications are one of the harshest and most demanding environments electronics can be subjected to. In order to survive, connectors must withstand high-temperatures, high pressures, high levels of shock and vibrations all the while resistant to corrosion along the way.  Our connectors are capable of surviving and thriving at temperatures at 200°C and above.

New Connector Design & Materials too are focused on small size and rugged superiority to meet the extreme reliability demands placed on Petroleum Electronics. Low profile, metal shell connectors are available that securely mount onto thick ruggedized PCB’s used with down-hole drilling bits. Lightweight, rugged metal circular connectors too can reduce drag during long array towing operations of undersea area mapping. Unique cable design can solve EMI, Cross-talk, and High Speed problems. Backshells, strain-reliefs, braided shields and special cables are all available to extend product life.

Omnetics knows that connectors must be built to meet these demands. We have vigorously tested our connector solutions to make sure that they can provide ruggedness and superiority to meet the demands in this field.

Current Applications Include:

·       Steering tools

·       Logging While Drilling (LWD)

·       Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

·       Downhole Tools

·       Batteries/Battery packs