Omnetics Connector Corporation

Military & Defense Connectors

Whether in the heat of battle or going through extreme environments, Omnetics' connectors are proven to be reliable and are ruggedized to handle any situation. If you're looking for a custom connector solution, please contact us.

For over 35 Years Omnetics Connector Corporation has been
providing support to the Military and Defense communities. These markets, like
many we serve, require highly-reliable solutions for applications when failure
quite simply is not an option.

Omnetics Connector Corporation’s commitment to quality encompasses
all product lines, however, none greater governed than those of our military qualified
Micro Subminiature-D (MIL-DTL-83513) and Nano Subminiature-D (MIL-DTL-32139) solutions.
These rectangular configurations can withstand extreme temperature variations
in conjunction with high levels of shock and vibration while maintaining low
milliohm contact resistance values. It all starts up front with Omnetics proven
Flexpin contact system. The Omnetics Flexpin is a highly robust one piece
stamped and formed contact design with hundreds of millions of contacts
operating reliably in the field today. Omnetics Flexpin contact design offers
four redundant contact points not two. Many of our competitors contacts only
offer 3 contact points due the shape of the tines.

Omnetics offers a variety of options for users to choose from
aside from rectangular Mil-Spec configurations. Circular solutions are readily
available utilizing the same proven, rugged materials found in the Mil-Spec
options. This allows designers the ability to scale down previous MIL-DTL-38999
circulars without affecting quality or performance.  Omnetics also offers hybrid connector options
which combine power and signal transmission in a single small package making
them a perfect fit for SWaP challenged designers.

We take pride in what we build for you.


Applications Include:

·       Heads-up Displays

·       Portable Night Vision Binoculars

·       Soldier Radios

·       Power Distribution Hubs

·       Hand held weapons

·       Missile and Extended Range Munitions

·       Optical Missile Seeker Heads



Nano-D (159)

Nano Circular (16)

Micro-D (166)

Micro Circular (22)