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Aerospace Connectors

Omnetics connectors are built to withstand high shock and vibration, and are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for the aviation industry. Contact us if you're looking for a custom solution.

Ruggedized Nano-Miniature Connectors using .025″ Pitch Solve Mil./Aero demands for reduced space interconnects. Standard product designs are on the WEB to allow immediate selection and layout.

Prototype modules can be assembled quickly using COTS and Standards to help finalize fit and function without long delivery delays. Metal Nano-Miniature connectors can reduce circuit weight and space while allowing increased signal lines. Unique shapes for miniaturized modules can be quickly derived from existing shapes using high-speed CNC machining to allow full custom mounting or fit in difficult areas. Quick deliveries are typically “off-the-shelf” to 8 weeks. Special machining may require additional time.

Applications: Nano-connectors are currently used in Mil./Aero circuits to reduce size & weight while maintaining high reliability.

  • Optical Missile Seeker Heads
  • Aircraft – board to board jumper circuits
  • Military aircraft cockpit computer systems
  • Ring laser gyro circuit interconnections
  • Extended Guided Munitions Circuits
  • FLIR sensor-head electronics
  • Hand held weapons
  • Missile and Extended Range Munitions
  • Robotic heads and index systems
  • Portable Communications Equipment
Nano Metal Shell Offset Connectors:

Std. Pin counts:

10, 16, 26 & 38


SMT, Thru-Hole


Vertical, Horiz, In-line

Body Mtls:



Elect. Nickel or Anodized


025” Pitch & Pad Layout


 2 Guideposts

Temp. Rang:

Up to +200°C*


Exceeds SPR-0022


Rugged #0-80


Stranded with Teflon Insul.

Back Potting:

Mil. Spec. Epoxy

Note: Additional pin counts and derivatives are available

* Hi Temp. Epoxy available upon request

Nano-D (159)

Nano Strip (10)

Nano Circular (16)

Micro-D (166)

Micro Strip (21)

Micro Circular (22)