Omnetics Connector Corporation

Signal Integrity R&D and Support

As signal data rates continue to rise, connector manufacturers must continually evaluate their manufacturing processes and product offerings to ensure they continue to provide reliable products while meeting the market demands. High reliability connectors will always be a cornerstone for Omnetics, but for many applications, a robust mechanical design must be balanced with a solution that is also optimized for high-speed. In order to achieve this, many aspects of the design – material selection, connector spacing, termination strategy, and cabling – must be constantly under evaluation. Omnetics uses a combination of software and hardware to address these challenges.

For design optimization, Omnetics uses ANSYS HFSS, a 3D Electromagnetics simulation tool, to simulate and optimize the performance of their products.  This allows Omnetics to quantify the impact of various design options prior to manufacturing, helping to constantly improve products and find ways to maximize the data rates of any given solution.

For characterization and verification, Omnetics has an in-house Signal Integrity Lab that is equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment, including a 4-port Keysight PNA with Keysight PLTS for post-processing analysis. This provides the ability to characterize and verify the performance of all Omnetics products, as well as provide production testing for impedance upon request.

Omnetics prides itself on providing accurate and reliable signal integrity data for all applications.  Test reports are available for many configurations. Additionally, S-parameter models (whether it’s from simulation or measurement) are available upon request. Customs designs can even be models and simulated to to provide S-parameter models that are specific to your applications.