Military & Defense Connectors

Don't question your connectors in the heat of the battlefield. Find Omnetics' solutions for your military needs.

Medical Connectors

Omnetics Connectors help save lives by being reliable and dependable. Find out which Omnetics connectors can help you.

Space Connectors

Omnetics knows the need for high extreme reliability in the Aerospace field. Click below to discover our solutions.

Aviation Connectors

Reliable connectors are needed when you're in the air. Click the link below to discover the solutions Omnetics can complete for you.

Industrial Connectors

Whether you're looking for connector solutions in robotics, sensors, or machine control systems, Omnetics has you covered. Click below for more.

Quantum Computing

Omnetics Connector Corporations’ Micro and Nano Subminiature-D connector families are specifically designed to be small in size with a number of options available, offering designers of qubit technology the ability to terminate to a variety of high-performance cables.

eVOTL Connectors

In the dynamic realm of Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) technology, precision and reliability are paramount. Omnetics Connector Corporation emerges as a pivotal partner for eVTOL designersn

Geophysical Exploration Connectors

Geophysical explorations applications are one of the harshest and most demanding environments electronics can be subjected to. Our connectors are capable of surviving and thriving at temperatures at 200°C and above.

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