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Injection Molding

Omnetics Connector Corporation offers extensive overmolding design and manufacturing capabilities. The typical case is for Omnetics to provide an overmold for our own standard or custom-designed connector, and value-added molds such as strain reliefs, grommets, and yokes. Our expertise consists of working with customers in the medical, defense, aerospace, electronics, and other industries, with design criteria such as:

·       Biocompatibility (USP Class VI/ISO10993) for extended skin contact

·       High-strength and long flex life characteristics

·       Halogen and Flame-Free UL 94 materials

·       Tight tolerances down to .002” in certain cases

·       Wall thicknesses as low as .010” for select applications

·       Selective material bonding for water-resistant applications

·       Product identification or improved aesthetics of a connector


The injection mold industry has a dizzying amount of materials and options to choose from. Omnetics will help customers identify the proper material for their demanding needs. Many high-performance material options are in-stock and readily available:

*This table is intended to give a general description of materials and their properties. Each material type has many different grades, and material properties

will vary among the different grades.

Omnetics’ injection molding business has been taking off in recent years because of our highly successful model:

·       Molding expertise

·       Quick response and fast turnaround

·       Competitive pricing

·       Extremely high quality standards

·       Highly competent, responsive, and friendly staff


Contact Omnetics today, eliminate the need for multiple vendors, and be rest assured that all phases of the project scope from design, to manufacturing, to delivery, are in highly competent hands.


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