Omnetics Connector Corporations’ Micro and Nano Subminiature-D connector families are specifically designed to be small in size with a number of options available, offering designers of qubit technology the ability to terminate to a variety of high-performance cables. Prospective users can choose between a range of PCB or Flex mountable variations and cable-mount connectors. Omnetics Connector Corporation also manufactures full turn-key cable assembly providing a great deal of design flexibility for users at extreme temperatures.

Omnetics miniature connector options help engineers combat space-constrained board-to-board designs which is prevalent in the quantum computing world. For these designs, Micro and Nano-miniature PCB connectors are available for board-to-board quantum computing designs.

Omnetics’ Micro and Nano miniature connectors are world renowned for their reliability. Designers have taken these same products down in temperature to 10 mK in the quantum computing arena. Let us support your next quantum computing application.


Previous Applications Include:

·        Quantum Computers

·        Quantum Hardware

·        Quantum Cloud Computing

·        Quantum AI

·        Compilation & Controls