Omnetics Connector Corporation

Robotics Connectors

Omnetics Connector Corporations’ core technology is truly a robotics designers dream. Whether you are designing robotics for theme parks, automation or unmanned developments such as UAVs and UAGs, we have the right solution for you.  Our design team focuses on miniature, robust solutions for robotic devices which include environmental sealing, shielding properties as well as high-speed data transmission.

Omnetics commercial off-the shelf series (COTS) are readily available for designers designing against a tight budget and/or time-line. These connectors are available directly from Omnetics and also through Distribution channels such as Digi-Key. If your need requires custom solutions, our Engineering team is available and equipped to develop your perfect solution and help you take on any interconnect challenges.

As robots continue to evolve and become more intelligent and complex, Omnetics turn-key cable assemblies can assist designers tasked with connecting to 3rd party components such as motors, actuators, sensors, slip-rings etc…  We have lots of experience hard wiring miniature connectors directly to system components making your assembly a snap.

We take pride in what we build for you.

Product Highlights Include:

·        High density contact spacing (.025” and .050”)

·        Lightweight inline and PCB mounted options

·        Rugged and resistant to shock and vibration

·        Water and dust tight options available (sealed up to IP68)

·        EMI shielding options available

·        Standard/COTS or custom cable assembly solutions