Omnetics Connector Corporation

Special Project Laboratory

Omnetics Special project lab features in-house expertise in every interconnect production discipline, along with an ever increasing capability of vertical integration including:




        Precision Machining

        3D Printing

        Cable Assembly

        Testing and Inspection Capabilities

        Material Selection & Finishing

        Custom Connector Design


Omnetics Special Projects laboratory is a design engineers dream. A cell within our manufacturing floor, with the main objective of providing quick turn prototyping services and product samples for designers looking to implement Omnetics products during early stages of product development. At Omnetics, we understand that some design cycles cannot wait days let alone weeks in development time. This is why Omnetics SPL (Special Projects Lab) has proven to be such a key resources for design engineers looking to get ahead on their schedule as it relates to new inter-connect schemes.


Innovation has always been a large part of Omnetics’ history and through progressive outlets such as our Special Project Laboratory we are able to discover and qualify new materials, equipment and manufacturing methods to propel Omnetics and their customers on the cutting edge of inter-connect manufacturing and design.