Omnetics Connector Corporation

Test Capabilities

ELECTRICAL TESTING Standard test protocols include insulation resistance, transfer impedance, dielectric withstanding voltage, high-altitude immersion, partial discharge, operating voltage, shielding effectiveness, and others.

MECHANICAL TESTING Industry qualification standards include insert retention, crimp contact retention, mating/unmating forces, shock, vibration, bend moment, and others.

SIGNAL INTEGRITY TESTING Including operating frequency, characteristic impedance, insertion loss, backreflection, near-end crosstalk and others.


For almost 40 years, Omnetics Engineering team has been bringing innovation to the connector industry and is now partnering with our customers to facilitate the integration of miniature electronic connectors into a variety of closely spaced environments.  Omnetics uses a three pronged approach for the development of custom connectors.  First, we work directly with the engineers that are developing tightly packed systems to establish performance and fit requirements.  Second, we develop a solution that takes advantage of the ultra-high performance Flexpin interconnect system.  By using our proven Flexpin and socket design to make the electrical connection and modifying the system holding the contacts, we maintain a high level of confidence that the system will outperform even the most severe requirements.  Third, we take advantage of our quick turn CAD model Design-to-Fab equipment to develop a solution that will fit unique customer applications with minimal customizing costs.  Even when unique mold tools are required, we use MUD (Master Unit Die) inserts in our molding machines to keep costs and lead times down.

Whether you are looking for a just a few unique connectors to launch a new product line or thousands of specialized interconnects, let us help you develop a connector that fits your system instead of developing a system that fits standard connectors.