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Omnetics Cable Harness Solutions

Omnetics specializes in miniature connectors and small wire gauge interconnects. Each market has unique and demanding requirements, whether it be medical, military/defense, aerospace, space, or industrial. Omnetics is well suited to meet the cable harness needs of our customers, with IPC-610 and IPC-620 trained workers on-site. Our experienced staff of sales, engineering, and manufacturing professionals make cable harness projects a hassle-free experience.

A wide range of cable and wire configurations are available. The Nano product line, with .025” (.635mm) pitch, accepts AWG conductors in the range of 30-38 AWG. The Micro product line, with .050” (1.2 mm) pitch, accepts conductors with 26-30 AWG in general. Smaller AWG wire can be accommodated in both product lines with special considerations. With such small wire sizes, tensile strength is often a major concern. Omnetics has many solutions for this problem, including high-strength copper alloys, high-strength Kevlar® or Nomex® strength members, miniature strength members impregnated in the stranded conductor bundle, and more. These techniques enhance ruggedness and durability, and ensure the cable harness will not fail in the field.

Andy Strange, Chief Engineer recounts: “Intricon, a customer of Omnetics, had an application for a custom connector and cable harness that was to be used on a military headset. The connector needed to be unobtrusive to the user – small and lightweight, with a high extraction force to prevent unintentional disconnection. One of the challenges Omnetics faced in this effort was ensuring that the small 38 AWG multiconductor cable would not break apart when pulled on to disconnect the interface. The interface disconnected at approximately 7 lbf, and through clever cable design and termination techniques, Omnetics was able to design a cable harness that can withstand a 50 lbf without a break in electrical continuity."

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In addition to building cable harnesses exclusive with Omnetics connectors, Omnetics frequently terminates one end of a cable harness using a standard connector from Lemo, Glenair, USB, Molex, JST, and/or most other major connector brands. Most equipment for terminating these major brands is on-site. If not, then we will quickly procure the right tool for the job.

Flexibility, tensile strength, patient wear-ability, biocompatibility, flame retardant, flex life, sterilization, shielding & signal integrity, lightweight, and more… Our experience with all types of connectors and cables in a wide array of markets means Omnetics can satisfy your cable harness needs. Please contact your local Omnetics representative for a free evaluation.