Petroleum Cables

While the world consumes increasing quantities of petroleum and its related products, the need for upstream development and exploration is more important than ever.

Omnetics has been supplying leaders in the petroleum exploration industry with miniature connector and cable assemblies for many years. It’s through this experience that we as a company have developed a firm understanding of the functional considerations placed on interconnect products for explorative/down-hole drilling applications. Lightweight, shielded, high-temperature, high-speed data rates are a few of the cable design considerations to take into account:

  • Chemical Resistance: Oil, solvents, and other corrosive components are present in this operating environment.
  • Signal Integrity: An enormous amount of information can be generated in these applications, and care must be taken to ensure the signal is properly designed for EMI/RFI, and triboelectric noise interference.
  • Rugged: A feature common to many industries, ruggedness is also important to the Petroleum industry.
  • High-Temp: Temperatures of 200C or higher are often reached. Materials such as insulation and conductor materials should be rated accordingly.
  • Lightweight: Helps with shock and vibration.
  • High Flex-Life: Another feature common to many industries, for an increased product lifecycle materials should be chosen known to contribute to high flex life.