Instrumentation Cables

The INSTRUMENTATION/TEST & MEASUREMENT market focuses on the development of devices that are used to measure and/or manipulate a number of conditions. This has applications in broader markets including medical, industrial, robotics, space, etc.

Repeatability is a leading requirement for the instrumentation market, so optimization for signal integrity is most often the number one concern for any instrumentation cable interconnect. The cable should be meticulously optimized to function correctly in the application’s operating environment, which varies widely from device to device. Some considerations to take into account:

  • Signal Integrity: Shielding, crosstalk noise, triboelectric noise, high-speed data transmission can all be of major concern for the instrumentation device.
  • Flexibility: Whether in the lab or in the field, flexibility almost always plays an important role.
  • Ruggedness: Avoid jacket materials such as Silicone which is prone to cut/tear and impact damage.
  • Price: The instrumentation market lends itself to high-volume production, and balancing high-end features with cost concerns is often a balancing act.
    Temperature: Upper and lower extremes should still be within the operating specifications of the materials chosen.