Employee Spotlight: Grant Sanford

Grant_Employee Spotlight


Omnetics has decided to draw attention to the people behind the scenes in the building. The Employee Spotlight series aims to highlight the talented individuals who work here and make up our company. For our first spotlight, we are going to shine the light on Grant Sanford, our Special Projects Lab Supervisor. We asked Grant about his experience so far working with us. Here’s what he said.


What do you do at Omnetics?

I oversee the completion of projects in the special projects lab and help to train and develop the people who work around me. The special projects lab is responsible for some new product development, investigating new tech that increases production and/or cuts costs, assisting engineering in fleshing out designs and creating prototype assemblies, and building rapid turn-around sample assemblies for our sales team.

What has been your favorite project so far?

If I had to pick one, there was a “slip ring” project about two years ago. It had 200+ wire terminations, twisted wires that required routing, and a customer supplied material that was of high value (messing it up would have been an expensive disaster!). It required a great deal of problem solving, focus, and adaptability from my team in the lab. Though complicated, it worked out nearly perfect, and the customer loved the prototypes. It resulted in a request for quote in the millions of dollars. That was very cool to be a part of.

How has Omnetics helped you in your career development?

Omnetics has offered on the job training, sent me to technical and leadership courses, as well as given me the opportunity to be involved with people I consider to be masters in the trade of producing high quality connectors. That third one is probably the most important to me, and I’m so fortunate to work with people who are knowledgeable, talented, and dedicated to this company. They make me a little better in my career every day.

What are 3 words to describe Omnetics?

Opportunity, dedication, quality

What do you find the most challenging at Omnetics?

If the technical/problem-solving side is the fun part, the people/communication side of things can be the difficult part. Managing/maintaining relationships, effective communication, and being a leader take way more effort than what I would equate to “math” problems with set variables. People are almost always complex, myself included, and it takes a lot of work to have everyone working, at their best, toward a shared goal.  

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I really enjoy being involved in a good competition. There’s nothing more motivating then when people are giving it their all to be the best at something. Sometimes I even shake out as the winner. 

What’s your hidden talent?

Not sure if this qualifies, but I enjoy writing. At home, I regularly journal thoughts, and occasionally like writing fiction (never published anything, it’s just for me… for now). I find myself using this talent to write build instructions and processes at work. It’s a great way to organize thoughts and stay creative.